Truck What it is and how to play
Capture the flag.

A flag is buried in this field. Assemble a team of trucks that can locate the flag, dig it up, return it to home base, and fight or evade any other trucks that get in your way.

Make your trucks smart.

You'll install a software program (an "agent") into each truck you deploy. Choose from our library of agents, or write your own agent(s) in Python or Java.

An agent commands the truck to move on the field, scan for the buried flag in an area, dig for the flag, attack an enemy truck, and take a flag lying on the ground. See details in the Truck API, or read some examples.

Pick the right truck for the right job.

Each truck in your army is comprised of a physical truck body and a firmware intelligence. There are four types of truck body:

  • Excavator - the worker. This truck scans and digs well. Possesses light combat machinery.
  • Tractor - the offensive unit. Assault vehicle. Can deal significant damage to all trucks.
  • Bulldozer - the stalwart defensive unit. Withstands damage well. The bulldozer is also capable of filling in holes dug by excavators.
  • Roomba - the healer. Can repair damage done to any unit. Moves fast and scans fairly well, but is easily crushed by any other type of truck.