Sample Truck agents

Plain source code

Digger Dan (Java) [Edit] [Profile]
Finds the flag with iterated scans, then goes and digs it up. Tries to stay clear of bad guys.
Flag Thief (Java) [Edit] [Profile]
Lurks in wait while the flag is found, then fights to get it.
decoy (Python) [Edit] [Profile]
Digs holes where there is no flag, in an attempt to mislead the other teams.
Pickafight (Java) [Edit] [Profile]
Rolls around attacking enemies.
FastScan (Java) [Edit] [Profile]
Walks a random walk, scanning along the way and telling its team what it finds.
sentry (Python) [Edit] [Profile]
Patrols the field (and does nothing else!)
Broken (Java) [Edit] [Profile]
Run this to see what happens when your agent throws an error.