A C D G I L M O P R S T V 


act(PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action) - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor
Take the specified action on this round.
actor - Variable in class pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter


cooperate() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor
Cooperate on this round.


DEFAULT - Static variable in class pd.Settings
defect() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor
Defect on this round.


getCooperatePayoff() - Method in class pd.Settings
getDefectPayoff() - Method in class pd.Settings
getGame() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor
getGameLength() - Method in class pd.Settings
getGreedPayoff() - Method in class pd.Settings
getIterations() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor
getSettings() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaGame
getSuckerPayoff() - Method in class pd.Settings


isFixedGameLength() - Method in class pd.Settings
isOver() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaGame
isRunning() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaGame
IterationResult - Class in pd
IterationResult(PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action, PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action, int, int) - Constructor for class pd.IterationResult


log(String) - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor


myAction - Variable in class pd.IterationResult
myPayoff - Variable in class pd.IterationResult


otherPlayerAction - Variable in class pd.IterationResult
otherPlayerPayoff - Variable in class pd.IterationResult


pd - package pd
API for strategies ("agents") which play the iterated Prisoners Dilemma game.
PrisonersDilemmaActor - Interface in pd
PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action - Enum in pd
PrisonersDilemmaAgent - Interface in pd
A class that implements Agent determines how a player in the game will behave.
PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter - Class in pd
PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter() - Constructor for class pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter
PrisonersDilemmaGame - Interface in pd


run() - Method in class pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter
run() - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent
Take your turn for each round by calling Actor#act().


setActor(PrisonersDilemmaActor) - Method in class pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent.Adapter
setActor(PrisonersDilemmaActor) - Method in interface pd.PrisonersDilemmaAgent
The game engine will call this method to provide this Agent with an Actor, which the Agent uses to make moves in the game and get information from the game.
Settings - Class in pd
Settings(int, int, int, int, boolean, int) - Constructor for class pd.Settings


toString() - Method in class pd.IterationResult


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum pd.PrisonersDilemmaActor.Action
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.