Axelrod An open web-based platform for Prisoners Dilemma

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Axelrod is an open agent-based model in which you write your own Prisoners Dilemma strategy. Play your strategy ("agent") against other agents to see how well it does.

Can your strategy survive in a diverse ecosystem?

Robert Axelrod ran the first Iterated Prisoners Dilemma (IPD) tournament in 1979. Since then the tournament has been reprised in many universities and think tanks, and soon at Microbattle. A tournament starts with a number of different agents which play IPD with one another, round-robin. As they play, the agents spawn copies of themselves -- those that have won many points increase in population; those that have won fewer points start to die off.

Axelrod's book, The Evolution of Cooperation, chronicles his early tournaments and notes its resemblance to emergent behaviors in nature, society, and warfare.

Check back shortly. We plan to offer tournaments soon.